aNexus FUJIFILM StarFire® SG1024 Industrial Inkjet Printing System

The aNexus Fujifilm StarFire SG1024 Industrial Inkjet Printing System is a high-speed printer that supports the construction industry and can be used for printing decorative applications such as kitchen tiles. The system uses piezo inkjet technology and Fujifilm Dimatix StarFire SG1024 printheads, which can be configured to meet your specific requirements. The system is available in various widths ranging from 2.5 to 85 inches, and up to 8 printbars can be installed to enable the printing of spot colors and process colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The system can support up to 8 individual product triggers, allowing each printbar to operate independently according to its own timing.

The StarFire SG1024 is designed for easy integration into existing manufacturing production lines or as a stand-alone solution. The printbars are equipped with all the necessary technology to operate independently, allowing them to be placed in normally inaccessible or high positions on the production line. The system can be operated in stand-alone mode or via standard industrial line control interfaces, with a graphical user interface, monitor, and keyboard providing local access and control of functional parameters. The user interface is based on the Windows® 7 operating system and is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. The controller enclosure is constructed of rugged powder-coated sheet metal or optional stainless steel, and industrial quick-release electrical cables are used to interconnect the controller with the desired printbars, optimized to accommodate specific jetting characteristics and agency regulation requirements.

Redjet Recirculation is a technology that enables continuous ink recirculation directly behind the nozzle, unlocking the full productive potential of StarFire SG1024 printheads. Redjet also includes nozzle plate design, enhanced on-head electronics, and waveforms tailored to specific fluids. This technology allows printheads to be quickly and easily primed, resulting in faster printing times, minimal ink waste, and greater reliability.

VersaDrop is a breakthrough technology from Fujifilm Dimatix that allows multiple fixed drop sizes in binary mode and greyscale capability from one printhead, with no loss to productivity. Each StarFire SG1024 printhead has 1024 independent channels arranged in 8 rows in a single nozzle plate for resolutions up to 400 dpi. All 1024 nozzles can be fired simultaneously or individually.