aNexus provides the most competitive and innovative solutions with focus to grow key competencies in support of new technologies.


To understand and connect business’s needs and wants with the most innovative yet competitive solutions

To maintain a sustaintable long term business strategy with high integrity at all times

To innovate and advanced ahead in changes to meet the stringent demand of today’s clients


Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and India.


Technical Sales Engineer, Project Engineer, Sales Representative, Technician



Growth History


With a humble beginning in 2006, aNexus founded and started by Jackson Ang with a one-man-operation, dealing with the trading of hi-tech equipment in a small-desk office


Since then, aNexus has evolved into one of the leading distributors of renowned brands, including Fujifilm Dimatix, Aixtron, Attocube Systems, Coalema, Xenon, Dyeo, Eco-Systems, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Pascal and CSIC, etc.


aNexus has grown exponentially, constantly seeking new opportunities and expanding its portfolio of vdiversified businesses in equipment manufacturing and bespoke equipment distribution in niche markets.

provide high quality equipment

We strive to provide our customers with high quality equipment at the most competitive prices in the shortest lead time, giving them a winning edge in today’s competitive environment.

aNexus - Make It Happen.


aNexus, a strong management team with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the field and proven track records, saw many missing links in the industry that requires better service, dedicated customer service, specialized technology support and professional business etiquette. aNexus is the connecting membrane connecting membrane between our clients and precision products and services.

aNexus specializes in challenging markets which include Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and India. Our regional headquarter is set up in Singapore, with its centralized position in South of Asia, we are able to reach out and respond quickly to our clients’ requests and demands.

We have built an extensive network among renowned research institutions, universities, R&D laboratories, manufacturing plants and advanced production facilities.