aNexus Model CRX-EM-HF Cryogen-free Horizontal Field Electromagnet Probe Station

aNexus CRX-EM-HF using a premier self-contained closed-cycle refrigerator (CCR), able to cool down to cryogenic temperatures without monitoring by researchers. . The 360° sample stage rotation option allows measurement of angular-dependent and anisotropic magneto-transport properties. 

It can operate over a range of 10 k to 500 K, is also a cryogen-free and closed cycle refrigerator probe station with the capabilities of a ±0.6 T horizontal, in-plane electromagnet. It’s designed to 30° angles for probing wafers up to 25 mm (1 in) in diameter. 

With the capabilities to maintain at elevated temperature during cooldown, reduce the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials 

With vision system being critical in distinguishing characteristics of the sample and properly landing probes, both coaxial light and ring light illumination standard are included in the vision system which is especially important for sample visualization. It also implements 7:1 optics with a high sensitivity, high-definition camera, and high-resolution monitor. 

It can perform the followings: 

  • C-V 
  •  I-V 
  • Microwave 
  • electro-optical probing 
  • vector-dependent magneto-transport measurements  
  • Hall effect measurements  
  • Testing magneto-transport parameters