aNexus attoDRY800xs compact optical cryostat

aNexus attoDRY800xs optical cryostat takes the concept of the attoDRY800 to the next level, addressing the common challenge of limited laboratory space for quantum optics experiments. This innovative cryostat is the most compact standalone platform available, fitting seamlessly into any laboratory setup.

Featuring a customizable cryogenic shroud integrated into an optical breadboard, the attoDRY800xs provides an obstruction-free workspace with optical access. Measuring less than 17” x 28”, it preserves valuable lab space while offering similar low vibration performance as the original attoDRY800.

The attoDRY800xs also retains the versatility of customizable vacuum shrouds, allowing it to be tailored to the specific needs of your experiment. It boasts automated temperature control, gas handling, and remote control capabilities, just like the original attoDRY800.

This compact optical cryostat can be used as a self-contained experiment platform on its optical breadboard or placed adjacent to existing larger optical tables with fiber coupling between optical elements, providing researchers with flexibility in their experimental setup. With the attoDRY800xs, attocube has redefined the possibilities for optical cryostats in terms of size, versatility, and convenience.