aNexus Fujifilm Dimatix Material Printer

aNexus Fujifilm Dimatix Material Printer (DMP-2850) is a high-performance industrial inkjet printer designed to deliver exceptional printing results for a wide range of applications from research to production environment. Powered by advanced SAMBA technology, this printer is the only platform for low cost material quick testing and yet scalable to production.

The aNexus DMP-2850 delivers accurate and consistent results, with ease of use software. 

At aNexus, we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line inkjet printing solutions, and the DMP-2850 is no exception. We offer expert support and guidance throughout the entire process, from installation and set-up to ongoing maintenance and support. Our inkjet inks and fluids (if available) are specially formulated to work with the DMP-2850, ensuring excellent adhesion, durability, and functionality.

Choose aNexus for your research and industrial printing needs and experience the power of the DMP-2850. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, this printer is the ideal choice for all your industrial printing requirements. Trust aNexus for high-quality inkjet printing solutions, and discover the difference today.