aNexus M91 FastHall™ Measurement Controller

aNexus MeasureReady® M91 is a groundbreaking all-in-one Hall analysis instrument that offers researchers a new approach to Hall measurement with significantly higher levels of precision, speed, and convenience. This instrument is designed for the study of electronic materials and incorporates Lake Shore’s patented* FastHall measurement technique, which fundamentally changes the traditional Hall effect measurement process.

The FastHall measurement technique eliminates the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic field during the measurement, which results in faster and more precise measurements compared to traditional methods. This is particularly beneficial when working with high-field superconducting magnets or measuring materials with very low mobility.

Additionally, the MeasureReady® M91 can be seamlessly integrated with a Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). This combination of the M91 and a PPMS allows researchers to harness the power of FastHall in conjunction with the capabilities of the PPMS, enabling comprehensive and efficient characterization of electronic materials under various temperature and magnetic field conditions.

With its revolutionary FastHall measurement technique and compatibility with Quantum Design PPMS, the MeasureReady® M91 offers researchers a new level of precision, speed, and convenience in Hall analysis, making it a cutting-edge instrument for electronic materials research.