aNexus Lake Shore 8400 Series

DC and AC field Hall measurement

The aNexus Lake Shore 8400 Series offers versatility in field Hall measurements, supporting both DC and AC methodologies for a wide range of research applications. The system comes with integrated instrumentation, a magnet and power supply, and user-friendly software that enhances research productivity and ensures reliable results.

With the AC field measurement option, the system is particularly suitable for studying materials with low mobilities (<1 cm2/V ‍s), which can be challenging to measure using traditional DC field Hall methods. This includes various contemporary semiconductor and electronic materials like photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials, organic electronics, and new display technologies.

The standard system allows for DC field measurements with a resistance range from 0.5 mΩ to 10 MΩ, measuring Hall voltage, Hall coefficient, Hall mobility, and resistivity. Additional options can extend the measurement range down to 0.5 µΩ and up to 200 GΩ in DC fields, enabling determination of carrier density and carrier mobility as a function of temperature.

The 8400 Series also offers temperature-dependent measurement capabilities, with options allowing for sample measurements ranging from 15 K to 1273 K using a closed-cycle refrigerator and high-temperature oven, or dedicated 77 K measurements with an optional single-point LN 2 body.

The system is highly configurable to meet specific measurement needs, with options for variable temperature assemblies, high and low resistance measurements, and optical access, which expand measurement opportunities and simplify experimental processes.