aNexus attoDRY800 optical cryostat

aNexus attoDRY800 optical cryostat offers a groundbreaking solution for quantum optics experiments that require cryogenic temperatures and optical access to the sample space. This cryostat features an ultra-low vibration cold breadboard platform that is fully integrated into an optical table, with the cryocooler assembly located underneath in unused space. This unique design provides an unobstructed workspace and optical access from all directions on the table, allowing precise arrangement of optical elements for shaping and preparing incident light, as well as efficient collection and conversion of emitted light from the sample.

The attoDRY800 optical cryostat is compatible with apochromatic objectives with high numerical aperture (NA=0.81-0.95), which can be integrated into the cryostat, vacuum shield, or positioned in close working distance outside the optical windows. This ensures minimal drifts and optimal collection efficiency, enabling high-quality measurements.

One of the significant advantages of the attoDRY800 is that it is a closed-cycle cryostat, eliminating the need for liquid cryogens and reducing running costs. It also features fully automated temperature control between 3.8 and 320 K, allowing unattended long measurement cycles for added convenience.

Unlike other off-the-shelf closed-cycle cryostats, the attoDRY800 has patented vibration isolation techniques that result in residual vibrations on the cold plate measuring only around 2.6 nm peak-to-peak in the vertical direction. This exceptionally low vibration level makes it ideal for extremely sensitive measurements.

The cold breadboard sample space of the attoDRY800 is designed to accommodate attocube’s patented nanopositioners, as well as complete microscope or photonic probe station solutions, providing a versatile platform for various experimental setups. With its revolutionary design, the attoDRY800 optical cryostat offers unmatched performance and capabilities for quantum optics experiments, making it a top choice for researchers in the field.