FFK (FUTEK FURNACE INC.) was incorporated in Dec. 1980 as a manufacturing company of single crystal Ferrite and single crystal growth equipment.

The company started from manufacturing Bridgman Furnace for single crystal growth, specially Mn-Zn Ferrite single crystal for Magnetic head for VTR and HDD as a top supplier of the tool. Other Single Crystals such as BGO, BSO, LBO, LGS and PZNT has also been grown by using FFKÅfs specially designed Bridgman Furnace. FFK is also supplying Magnetic Vacuum Annealing Oven for manufacturing MR/GMR/TMR-type Magnetic head from 1990 and for MRAM from the first stage of R&D for MRAM. FFK also offer the joint-R&D of new equipment and new processing for new materials by using FFK's own various know-hows and equipment. Many equipment

Website: http://www.futekfurnace.com