attocube systems develops, manufactures, and distributes a new type of nanopositioning system. Based on our unique technology we are able to strike new paths in the area of microscopy and micro/nanoanalysis.

attocube systems offers two principal product lines:

First, ultra-compact nano-precise positioning devices provide linear and rotational movement of samples or probes. Furthermore, nearly all of these positioning stages can be specified for use under extreme environmental conditions such as very low temperatures, UHV and magnetic fields. They are offered in different sizes and out of a variety of materials, and feature an unprecedented variety of applications. This presents a revolutionary advancement for the positioning market, leading to new research in many areas.

The second product line are easy-to-use, highly flexible low temperature Scanning Probe Microscopes like LT-AFM, LT-CFM or LT-SNOM. These systems are based on these reliable positioning devices. Thus, the microscopist can perform in-situ coarse and fine positioning, smooth scanning or automatically focusing any samples in respect to any probes at temperatures down to the Millikelvin range or under high vacuum conditions.

Many of today's industries experience major changes. In the future, it will become more and more important to position probes, samples, small tools or even whole devices on a nanometer scale. The team of attocube systems is prepared for developing devices that meet these new market demands.